Ultimate Body Applicator Makeover for It Works!

Just before the holidays my friend Christine started mentioning Skinny Wraps on Facebook. She was researching them and wanted to try them. She found out that there wasn’t a local rep for her to buy from so she decided after a LOT of research to become a rep for It Works! Global the good folks who distribute these wraps.

The most common side effect is measurable results with use of the naturally based body wraps that detoxify, hydrate, tighten, tone and firm where applied to the skin. It reduces the appearance of cellulite and loose skin and the results are immediate and long-lasting. The before and after photos on her Facebook page are quite dramatic and I will admit after reading the details and looking at the before and after photos, I was interested.

I’ve had two kids, my middle is a wreck from that and yes we all should be proud of our parenting scars or battle wounds but when it comes down to it, my mid-section is something that really bothers me. Note: it bothers ME not anyone else but ME. So I felt like if this treatment works the results would be for me and me only! I don’t care what others think about it I just really wanted to see results for myself because it would make ME feel good about my middle and we all know how good it feels when you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin right? So, I did a wrap!

Christine suggested I take a hot shower just before to open up my pores so that the wrap could absorb. She then came over, took before measurements and applied the wrap. We then sat and gabbed for about an hour then we removed the wrap I rubbed the rest of the lotion into my skin and we measured again. After a 45 minute application, I had lost 3 1/2 inches between my belly, waist and hips. I continued to lose 4 more for a total of 7 1/2 inches across the entire area. I was hooked so I purchased more.

I had plans to wrap myself again sooner than I did, but I was sick and on medication that made me very thirsty and part of the process with the wraps is that you need to stay hydrated during the process. So I didn’t want to compound the problem… I finally did my 2nd wrap last night and have since lost 2 more inches. The entire loss window can last up to 72 hours and I will wait until then to measure again. However, I do want to add for me it’s not about the inches, it’s about the look. My skin looks and feels more taught. It’s no longer papery and is looking more and more healthy with each application. It has felt this way since my 1st application and by doing more applications I hope to improve the look and feel.

I am 100% sold on this product and I will admit if I had a normal m-f 9-5 job I would consider becoming a distributor for It Works! Christine is seeing major results and a decent income from her wrap parties and is looking to grow her team. So if you are interested in getting wrapped or if you are interested in becoming a distributor, please visit Christine’s Facebook page and her online distributor site for more information. She is always willing to answer any questions you might have (I know I had a TON!). Again, I suggest you take a few minutes to look through the before and after galleries on her Facebook page. I hope to have my own before and after photos to share with you if I work up the nerve to do it.

Christine has also offered this to my readers if you book a party, you’ll get a free wrap if you have at least 6 guests. AND she will sell wraps for $25 instead of $30 for anyone who mentions they heard of her and Pittsburgh Skinny Wraps from my post!



I was not compensated for this post monetarily, I did receive my first wrap free of charge in trade for a product review. I will admit I really wanted to give this product a try so I’m glad Christine offered! All opinion on the product is my own and are my own words and thoughts. 

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