So Pinterest… yes… Have you visited this site yet? No? Well, be sure to block off at least an hour of time for your first visit… Seriously. There is so much craft, food, clothing, design, make-up, and anything else you can think of visual imagery {porn} there that if you like any of those items or anything at all really, you’ll surely find some new thing you love and want to keep a reminder for inspiration of. Thus you’ll pin it on your virtual pin board via Pinterest. Oh yeah, and you can have as many pin boards for any old topic you please. It’s so much fun! And you can follow me there.

So when I saw a few pine cone crafts pass through my Pinterest stream I got a little excited. See, I have a neighbor with a pine tree on the edge of his property and every fall he collects them and tosses them out. So I mentioned to Chris that a good task for him with the kids to do one afternoon while I was out would be to gather a few pine cones from our yard. ONE FULL (REALLY FULL) grocery bag later, I found myself seriously perusing Pinterest for some crafty mojo. And that’s when I saw it, a GLITTER encrusted pine cone! {angels singing}

I needed a fix. I remembered seeing a friend earlier in the week post something like a 12 oz container of fine glitter. To which I thought to myself, wow, ‘fine young mommy friend’ really must like to get her glitter on, ’cause wow, that’s a heck of a lot of glitter. So I text ‘fine young mommy friend’ who is also ‘fine young mommy friend who LIVES AROUND THE CORNER’ (perfect for when you need that late night glitter fix). She said, “I have the goods my ‘must get crafty on a Monday night neighbor mommy of two boys friend’, we’re here if you want to stop by.” Five minutes later, or maybe twenty after I had tucked the boys into their snug beds, I left them with their Daddy and went into the dark damp night so I could get my glitter on. 

Now some of you might have been thinking, Oh what an awesome mommy, she’s going to introduce her fine little boys to glitter and such and that is right where you are WRONG! Because while I might like my own glittery goodness, I do NOT want to see what it might look like if I allowed my cute as can be little mess mongers boys.  So as SOON as  I got home , I glittered up some pine cones. All alone! Oh it was divine!

Regardless of all that, I was so excited to have found a fun craft that involves such pretty clear glitter, Mod Podge and free as can be pine cones from my back yard. Ooh and a little ribbon too! I also chose to personalize mine with little tags as well (totally optional).

What you’ll need to make Glittered Pine Cone Ornaments:

Pine cones, preferably some that have open seed pods. If the seeds are kind of tight and close together, it still looks pretty (I did one like this that the kids picked up on the way home) but it was also kind of hard to get a ribbon into it without breaking the seed pods up… so, open pine cones with a stem works best. 

Small paint brush, you’ll use this to paint on the Mod Podge.

GLITTER! Not 12 ounzes but maybe 4 oz.

You’ll want to find a large mixing bowl that can be out of commission for a few days if you plan on making more than 5 of these. You’ll just want something to contain your project while the glue and glitter dries. You’ll need to wait on that before tieing on your ribbon hangers. 

Each one takes about 3 minutes to paint the glue on and glitter. I use a little cup to sprinkle the glitter on the glued pin cone, I do this over the large mixing bowl. I then shake the excess glitter off into the same old mixing bowl and I reuse the glitter scooping it up with the little cup I use to sprinkle it on with. A little goes a long way here. 

Other options:

You could totally use colored glitter. Traditional Christmas colors might be fun or go crazy and do some PINK and TEAL. You could add ANY other decorations to your pine cones too, like buttons or feathers! You can really go nuts! 



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